Date: 1st September 2016
Hulled Hemp Seeds
Yantai Yiji Trade Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China hulled hemp seeds manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap organic hulled hemp, organic hulled hemp seed, organic shelled hemp, unshelled hemp seeds from our factory. HULLED HEMP SEEDS Our hemp seeds are shelled very clean by machine,no impurity,all cargo through metal detection. Hemp kernels are rich in protein,unsaturated fatty acid,and lecithin,linolenic acid,vitamins and calcium,iron and other essential trace elements. It can moist intestine and stomach,replenish vital essence,aid digestion,improve eyesight,protect liver,and anti-aging.It also has good preventive effect on ?constipation ,hyperlipidemia,hypertension,diabetes,and gastrointestinal problems.It is be confirmed one of the uppermost longevity green food in medicine circle. Apply group 1,75% of the total population which are sub-health ,people which want to improve the immune function and resistance to fatigue; 2,non-communicable chronic disease patients,such as diabetes,cancer,bronchial asthma,heart head blood-vessel,hair loss,anemia,digestive system diseases,etc.; 3,people which want to be more beauty and fitness. 4,learners; 6,development of teenagers,children; 7,pregnant women; 8,the elderly want to prolong life.