Date: 28th August 2016
Organic GOJI Berry Powder (Freeze-Dried)
Yantai Yiji Trade Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China organic goji berry powder (freeze-dried) manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap organic powder, 100% goji berry powder, organic raw goji powder, no additive goji powder from our factory. Organic goji berry powder (Freeze-dried) This goji powder is made from dried organic goji berry fruits,and not added any other things in it .It is produced by Freeze-dried technology. So,the original nutrient and color are well kept. It is real organic powder. It is 80 mesh in fineness,and easy to dissolve with water. Introduction *Ingredient:100% goji berry powder (Not added anything)? *Sieve Analysis:100% pass 80 mesh *Process:Freeze-dried,made from Dried ?Organic Goji berries. *Package:6kgs/bag,2bags/carton. *TC: offer organic certificate by Ecocert. *shelf-life:18 months * Storage:Sealed,keep in cold and dry storage,and humidity control under 25 degree. *Usage:can be eating directly,or mixed with water,juice,beverage,and wine. Also,it could be mixed with other food. Process For Handling Goji Berry powder ? Picking ?dried organic goji berries----- Washing them three times------- Quick-freezed them----- Putting them in lyophilizer----- Putting them in asepsis ?production workshop----- Grind to powder------ Static hair Separation ------ Metal detection------ Packing Cargo?Sticking label